The Elephant in the Room is a Leprechaun

Can the Celtics get passed the first round?

Bill Russell was the center of the Celtics dynasty from 1956-1969 and ushered in extraordinary players to come, having captured 11 NBA championship titles.

The Boston Celtics are the number one seed in the Eastern Conference NBA standings, above the Cavaliers, Raptors, and Hawks  – now how does this happen? Do they even have a chance against number two seeded Cleveland (If either team makes it that far)? They certainly don’t have the depth off the bench, or the sheer talent of a “King James” and the rest of his entourage.

But here’s what they do have; legacy, blue-collar tenacity and a whole lot of hustle. The Boston Celtics have hardly been underdogs until recently. But then again, everyone likes an underdog right? It’s possible, unless it wears a green and white jersey, and Lucky the Leprechaun at center court in Boston Garden.

For fans like me who came of…

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